Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life Book 2012 Class - Week 40

Our instructions for this week's class were about creating a collage using sewing, paper and material, and adding in any other accessories as we wanted. (buttons, glitter, etc.) We were suppose to celebrate where we are now or how we are feeling as compared to what we've been through during the past year. Yikes! What does someone do with that? My collage, as usual, ended up pretty crazy. But I'm happy with it, because it's all mixed-media instead of anything digital.

Since I spent the first half of the year watching my mother die slowly, and much of the year battling the same old depression and anxiety issues, the words came to my mind "still here." Being here still is definitely something to celebrate.

I had to do hand stitches, and some aren't showing up in the scan, but this ended up being a fun project to do. The moose (big and tiny), tree and small leaves on the left are actually buttons I sewed on. Being out in nature makes me happy, so I was trying to add those elements to it. Anyway, it is what it is! :O)


  1. Wow! This is so cool! It looks like someone sent you a very creative envelope! I like saving all that kinda stuff too. It's always so rewarding when you can find a way to bring it all together as you did here! I might have to take that life book class next year! It looks like fun!

  2. 'Still Here' is my mantra too Bill
    That sure is something to celebrate! Great collage! Hugs xx

  3. DO NOT BEND. :)

    You did a wonderful job with your elements, Bill. Captured the feeling and drew us into your piece.

    Hand sewing.....I'm pretty impressed! Maybe it's because you had some ice cream for strength!!!

  4. Very cool, Bill! I like it a lot and that was a very challenging topic, wasn't it? I think "Still Here" should be a lot of peoples' motto!