Thursday, October 18, 2012

Never Fit In

Elements from free kit by Rebecca McMeen "Essie & Esmerelda" at I borrowed the background from "Vogue Homme Japan," so if I get arrested, please take up a collection and bail me out of jail.


  1. Have you read the book "Wicked"? It is based on The Wizard of OZ. This reminded me of that story.

  2. I could hazard a guess....that's you at thg back! A lovely piece Bill! xx

  3. This is great Bill!!! But don't you think not fitting in is much more fun than being like everyone else?? I do! I don't think Vogue Homme Japan will be too worried about it (considering you are telling people that's where you got it from!), but just in case, if you end up in jail I will send you a cake with the proverbial file in it, OK?

    Your batty blog friend,


  4. Hahahaha!
    I'm still laughing taking a look at your blog today!
    She's not only green, she's also very special! What a head! Perfect! Well done Bill!

  5. Well, I will send you some macarons...
    This is very fun, Bill. Are she a cousin of Fiona?