Sunday, October 21, 2012

Midnight Party

tap tap on a window
pitter pat on the floor
the clock struck midnight
but I can’t sleep
with all the noise
outside my door

where did they come from
why are they here
maybe they’re night owls
and there’s no need to fear

now I hear music
and the moving of chairs
I think I hear dancing
and there goes a cheer
from the sound of the giggles
they’ve opened the beer

maybe I’m dreaming
and it’s all a mistake
I’ll scrunch my eyes tightly
till the sun comes awake

then with a feather
someone tickled my nose
and there stood before me
a bird and a mouse.
“come please and join us
we’re having such fun
we’re having a party
right inside your house”

I jumped out of bed
and laughed with delight
for who would believe it
this dark dreary night

© wjc

Digital elements by Rebecca McMeen and Lori Davison.


  1. How delightful! How was the party?

  2. Beautiful .png once again Bill!
    (happyly, you've removed the "Prove you're not a robot"! Hihihi!)

  3. How delightful, both pic and the poem! Hugs xx

  4. Oooh! Your poem and image are just too sweet, Bill!

    I'm awake late tonight, so they are keeping me company since they are "night owls" too!


  5. How lovely : ) It made me smile.

  6. This could turn out in a lovely children book!