Friday, October 26, 2012

Pink Saturday - Oct. 27 - Breast Cancer Awareness

Since my wife is a breast cancer survivor, I thought I should participate in this week's Pink Saturday blog hop. That's her in the digital collage above. It's an ordeal no one should have to go through. Fortunately, there have been so many advances in curing cancer that, if caught in time, it is beatable.

Beverly, the weekly hostess of Pink Saturday, has an informative video on her blog you may see by clicking on this link:

You will also find the links there to all of the other parcipants' blogs. I know they would love for you to stop and visit. Thank you for stopping here!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday to you and your wife, Bill. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

    My heart is full with this wonderful outcome. I work with many people who dedicate their lives to finding cures.

    Thank you for sharing, and for making Pink Saturday special.

  2. Congratulations on being a survivor, my cousin was not as lucky as you. You have a lovely wife, may the Lord be with you always. Blessings, Lu

  3. Thank God Lisa made it! I hope she likes the collage you made in her honor!

  4. God be praised that your wife is a survivor! Cancer free....YEA!
    Joyce M

  5. A lovely picture of Lisa Bill. She looks so beautiful.
    I echo everyone's thoughts...Thank God. xx

  6. Hi Bill, thanks for your visit to my blog. Hooray for your wife for being a breast cancer survivor. My dear hubby has been battling prostate cancer for seven years and just recently went off chemo after over two years. I pray for a cure for cancer everyday.
    What a lovely photo of your wife and how wonderful of you to honor her.

  7. A lovely post and your wife is a beautiful woman. Wonderful that she is cancer free!

  8. You are a very special man that has a lot of love and compassion for his wife. Nice tribute to her.

  9. How wonderful for your wife. In many ways....cancer free and married to a sweet guy like you. Love the photo of her and your comments.
    I wish her a long healthy life!

  10. Your wife is gorgeous. . . .and I'm so happy to read that she is cancer free for seven years! It's a hard battle to fight, for both the patient and for those who love them. I'm sure she is so thankful to have you in her corner. One of my BFF's has now been cancer free (also breast cancer) for 20 years. It's still hard for her to go in for her yearly check ups, but WOW is she a happy camper when everything checks out fine! Celebration time every year!

    Happy belated Pink Saturday!!


  11. Hi Bill,

    I'm so glad you visited me today at Create With Joy - I LOVE your art!

    I browsed through several posts and loved everything you shared, but landed here because your wife is SO beautiful and I am SO thrilled that she is celebrating 10 years of being cancer-free!

    I host three weekly parties, including one called Inspire Me Monday where I would LOVE for you to share your art! You would be such an inspiration to our creative community!

    Have a wonderful weekend & I wish I had your talent for making beautiful digital art!

    Create With Joy

  12. Hi Bill! What a terrific pink tribute! You and your wife are both blessed to have each other! I am always grateful that the Lord has graciously given hope to so many because of people like your wife! Blessings to you both! Anne