Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Present - A Moose

Lani Gerity, the famous puppet maker,  sent me a retirement present! Yay. It's a moose. I love moose. They are so big and funny looking that I consider them kin. Thank you so much, Lani, for the wonderful picture!

Being very inspired, I had to write a poem.
Who Stole My Moose?

I went outside
to see my moose,
but to my surprise
he’d gotten loose.

Where could he be?
They’re hard to hide.
Did someone take him?
I ran inside.

I grabbed the phone
to report the theft.
“Just calm down.
You sound quite bereft!”

Then I heard a noise
and went out to see.
There stood my moose
with a family!


  1. Love the pics Bill. And your 'pome' is great! xx

  2. Love your poem, Bill, and your moose's family is quite fetching!

  3. Not a moose, but a entire family! So sweet! I could never imagine that you had hawaiian girls in your head, frankly!
    My little something is on my blog, I hope you enjoy. Hugs.

  4. What a great fun poem and Lani's gift fun and funny. Congrats on your retirement!!

  5. I like your moose bill...or is it meese because there are two of them...anyway lovely pictures and poetry!!! Your off to a great start on your retirement.

    I love Chris's beach card too she is one cool lady.