Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mad Retirement Tea Party Today!

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If you don't feel like listening to music during this mad tea party, please pause the song playing. Otherwise, you may go completely mad! Of course, that is the whole idea of a mad tea party, isn't it?

Please click on any picture if you would like to see a larger size.

I bet you were expecting to walk into a room. Surprise! I hope you're not afraid of the dark!

Ah. This looks more like a mad party!

Hey! There's Bill!

 Find yourself a cup and hunt around for your favorite kind of tea.
Don't be afraid of the zetti creatures ahead. They love parties!

Monica, try having a cup of tea. You'll feel much better!

Woops! You passed up the cup table. You really must choose a cup before you can drink any tea.

Bill's retiring, you know. Did you bring him a gift? He sure hopes so!

Look out below! The Japanese ladies are collecting the makings for their famous Bird Droppy Doop tea.

Anyone for some fresh Bird Droppy Doop tea?

"Man, I've gone to all this work, and I haven't seen one retirement present yet!"

Say, while we're walking around trying to find the other tea, maybe you'd like to see some of my zetti art.

Are there any ladies here today looking for a rich, older gentleman? I've spotted a couple of interesting characters straight ahead. I wonder what they're saying?

"Excuse us, please," said Grannie and June. "This is all well and fun, but we're still waiting for tea!" "Oh look, Grannie," June said as she pointed. "There it is!"

Don't worry, Eeyore. I'm sure the Queen of Tarts brought some lemon cookies with her. They must be on that table over there.

In case any of you actually prefer a more formal tea, here is the spot for you. We may be mad here, but we aren't uncivilized!

Oh look! How nice. Some people from the High School where I use to have my office are here. They've even come in zetti attire!

Oh oh. The person in the purple hat up there can't spell "wear." That's alright. It's a mad party anyway!

There was another retirement party for me last week, and I'll sneak in a few pictures here in case you want to see them. I just hate, though, how the camera adds 30 pounds to only some people!

Wasn't it worth looking at all those pictures just to get to this cake?

If you're having a boring time, I might recommend you trying some of Carlos' tea. All the girls at work think he's really cute.

I hope Carlos' tea took your boredom away. If you still need more excitement, there is a little clip below you can watch.

(If you didn't turn off the music above before, please do so now before watching the clip.)

 Well that was fun. Hey! I see a few more folks from work. We better go over there and hear what they're talking about. I guess they didn't get the message they were suppose to dress in zetti costumes.

Because she was the boss, Ryan. Not because she's blond and good looking!

Say! I see some of my fellow computer techs standing over there. I bet they're talking about me, too. (I'm really not conceited, but this is a retirement party for me.)

 As usual, you can see how they always display their best sides. I didn't notice any presents from them, either. Did you? I hear they spend all their money on booze anyway. But it is a stressful life being a computer tech! Oh, wait. There's one more person I worked with.

Hey! I got one present. I knew I could count on Deb! Well, time is flying. I'm old. I'm retiring. I see you've drunk up all the tea and eaten all the cookies. I say it's time for everyone to go home and take a nap. I hope you had a good time. If you didn't, here's a few more zetti pictures to view on your way out. I always like my guests to leave with a smile!

May zetti madness always brighten your day!

All of the artwork in this post was created by me with a few added elements from some digital scrapbook kits. (By CrowaboutStudio B, Tangie Baxter, Holliewood, and Marta Van Eck) I didn't put my initials on the new work I created just for this party, because I thought you might get tired of seeing them. WJC. WJC.  (Hopefully nobody steals anything.) I'd like to give a special thanks to five wonderful people who created their own zetti characters to come to this mad tea party - June, Marguerite, Judy, Grannie Annie and Chris. I also thank Teesha and Tracy Moore for the wonderful zetti rubber stamps they created and I used in much of my art.

There are many more Mad Tea Parties being held today throughout blogland. You can find where they are by visiting Vanessa, the hostess with the mostess, has a beautiful blog at all times of the year!


  1. WOW Bill!!!
    I'm so glad I was the first to arrive. (Sorry everyone if I ate too many cookies!) ;)
    You truly outdid yourself Bill!
    I'm sure you will win best Mad Tea Party if there's an award!
    Thanks for inviting me. I had a lovely, magical time.

  2. I'm so sorry I didn't bring a present Bill, but if you have a quick peek on my blog there's something there to make up for it.

    This is all just pure genius Bill! It must have taken forever to put together. I loved it. Thank you.
    Love and Hugs
    Miss Junibears xxx

  3. This was great fun, Bill. :-)

    I hope you enjoy a long and happy retirement.

    Best Wishes


  4. What a fun retirement tea party. I especially enjoyed it as our whole family is quite techy, and two in our family have worked in the IT departments in the past - so that made it doubly intriguing. And thank you for putting in something the grand children could especially enjoy - the lovely tea set. Also, I must say how much I enjoyed your other post, the Spiritual Quest. AND so glad you joined in on the APPLE side of things (we did both and love both, but Mac is still our fave - says she as she types away on her Mac Book). All in all a delightful tea party - fun for kids and grams, with tea set and zetti and Eyores abounding. Have a lovely day and enjoy retirement.

    P.S. I'd love for you to visit at for my Mad version of a childrens tea party with sets a'plenty.

  5. WOW; what a fantastic tea party for your retirement. Sorry I didn't attend because I missed out on all of the goodies as well as wishing you a happy future in retirement land.

    You will enjoy it; believe me.

    Loved viewing your tea party art, Sir William.

  6. Love your blog...adorable and the music is great..unique!

  7. Holy-canarsey-yiddie-godiva Bill what a super fantastically great tea party...(with the possible exception of the bird doop)...thanks for inviting me!!!
    I hope your retirement is all it's cracked up to be. Now you're among the legions of old men who carry their wives purses as they follow them around the mall mumbling... Just what will you do Monday morning???
    I left a little celebration picture for you back at the Asylum (didn't want to get Bird doop on it) Have a wonderful retirement...maybe you could go into the Tea Party business!!!

  8. Congratulations on your retirement, Bill! Your tea party was fabulous!

  9. What a lovely mad tea party, dear Bill. Despite of the Bird Droppy Doop tea, everything else was delicious! I'm sorry for forgetting the retirement present, I'm working on a little something for you...
    Your zetti pieces are so fun! What can I say about your backgrounds? They are amazing!
    I'm pretty sure you are beginning the best part of your life, so congratulations

  10. What an absolutely FUN party!! I had a blast looking at all of your wonderful photos and reading the post :) Thank you for inviting me!


  11. Bill, congratulations on your retirement! I loved your mad tea party. I think that you are going to have a blast with your digital images now that you are retired! Cheers!

  12. What a wonderfully mad tea party you have going on here! Love the computer techs talking about apple. Happy Retirement! ~Michelle

  13. Well, congrats on retiring! Happy to be here to enjoy the festivi- zettis!

    Sorry, I didn't bring a present, though ;P

  14. Sorry I don't have a present either! But I enjoyed your party, looks like you all did too :)

    I'm also taking part in the Mad Tea Party blog hop and hope that you'll visit my party to have some fun there too :)

  15. oodles of fun - feel free to join my party as well.

  16. Hi Bill.. congrats on your retirement. Your Tea Party was colorful and fun.

  17. wonderful party! thanks so much for sharing!!!

  18. What fun! Happy retirement AND now you can begin your real life! Hooray!

    I'm off to sample some more tea and madness! Hope to run into you again and I'll have a present for you then.

  19. Oh Bill what a great party you have thrown us ! And you even have a magical sparkly cursor , hehe ! Glad I stopped by :-)

    Come visit mine too !


  20. Happy Retirement Bill. Whatever will you do with your free time to avoid going MAD? (or am I too late to ask?)

    I have enjoyed seeing this look inside your head and now have even less idea what my son the computer guru does for a living.

  21. Wow what a fun party!! Big congratulations on your retirement and thanks for inviting me to all of the festivities! :) ~Lauren

  22. Hoooooooray!! Retiriment Mad Tea Party awesomeness!! ;)

    I am so happy for you! Thank you for being such a delightful part of wonderland!!

    ~ A Fanciful Twist

  23. Hello Bill,

    Thanks for dropping by my party. No worries about not wearing white gloves or eating so much of the Mac 'n Cheese - I made a lot because I like having leftovers. And the desserts, well, I expected those to go fast. I'm having a fabulous time here at your mad retirement party. So nice to meet the folks you've worked with - best wishes to you with your next direction in life. Perhaps you'll have time to find some white gloves for next year - oh, and do bring the Mrs, too!

    Sharon and Miss Gracie :-)

  24. A Very Merry I mean,
    Happy Retirement! or is it A Very Merry Un-Workday?!


  25. Lol what a truly Mad tea party, I really enjoyed it.

    Happy retirement!

    Oh and I loved your little Moose poem you posted a little further up your blog.

  26. Thanks so much for inviting me to this enchanting tea party! I had a lot of fun! I hope you will visit my tea party as well!

  27. This is a real Mad Tea Party! I loved it! Congratulations on the retirement :) Maybe it is time to become a beach bum (don't forget the sunblock :D

    Thanks for inviting me to such a fun tea party!

  28. Wow, this was a MAD post - awesome...thankyou for having me, and Happy Retirement!

  29. Djeezzz I'm to late...Are there any left overs for someone from Holland ?
    Ice tea perhaps ?? :)
    Cheers to your Retirement Bill !!
    This was such a joyfull and crazy post. Hurray for your humor.

  30. OH, this is the BEST party, EVER! Thanks for fun!