Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally - A Real Mermaid Painting

I took an online class from the incomparable Suzi Blu many months ago called "La Sirena." Being the ridiculously insecure artist I am, I never did an actual painting during the class. Well, I finally did one. It's true multi-media. I took this picture with the built-in camera of my Macbook, so it isn't very good quality, but I had to show you anyway. Be prepared, it's wild! But fantasy is suppose to be. As Suzi Blu  tells all of her students to proudly say, "I am an artist!"


  1. Congratulations! She's beautiful! xx

  2. She looks cute, and the colours look very harmonic : )

  3. Way to go, Sir William. I wouldn't even attempt to draw something and I'm impressed with your results and especially the coloring.

    I also viewed your earlier posts that I missed last week. Your Fantasy piece is my favorite.

    READY OR NOT . . . RETIREMENT. You will love it! Beware, however, time flies much quicker and you get a lot less done.

    Carolyn S

  4. I'm looking forward to the retirement tea party.
    Your mermaid is sweet, but don't be shy, post a bigger picture... she deserves as she is so beautiful. Hugs.

  5. Great job Bill you've been hiding your talent under a basket...get out your paints and rock on!!!

  6. Wonderful! It never hurts to leave the digital world once in a while and smell the paint fumes!!!