Friday, June 10, 2011


Life is feeling pretty overwhelming these days, so I'm trying to use art as therapy. Egads! Maybe I should get my medication increased instead.


  1. We both know art is a therapy William.
    Just to state that bald fact tells you nothing. The reality is travel. Well it is for me....
    I travel to other countries, other worlds, other realms. Real or fantastical. I meet people from the past, and the future. I can forget time. Time has no meaning in these other worlds. I'm travelling through time and space to a world of my own making, where everything is placed as I want it, and there is no worry, and no pain.
    Yes, my art is a therapy.
    I do ramble on so! I love your collage and I truly understand your feelings.
    Hugs xx

  2. ArTherapy! Yes indeedy..count me in as needy for this type of stuff as well including as you so wisely put it: our daily dose of praise and fire and yay Bill! I love your work!
    And where is Watson these days? Sophie is missing him..(I think she has two crushes going on right now, Watson and Bogey)as for meds: I started some thyroid thingy and wow..depression came and kicked me in the head big time! So I upped my Omega 3 (arthritis formula) and will see if that will do the trick.
    You getting a goingaway party for your Last Day? (shades of Logan's I had to do my own.
    Blessings x LN..and Sophie sends slurps.

  3. This is a gorgeous piece Bill...also painful and poinient. I feel your pain and the helplessness that is seeing some one else in pain and not being able to help them. When you get to the end of your rope do what I do tie a knot in it and hang on...and pray. This too will pass.

  4. The irony is that we tie ourselves to the collar and chains. Therefore, only we can take them out.