Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Present From Brazil!

Wow. When I retired, I never expected to receive presents from all around the world! (I forgot to mention that June mentioned in a post below lives in England.) Today I received a picture created by Christine in Brazil. Her blog is in case you would like to visit it. Somehow she found out I always wanted to be a beach bum. Now that I'm retired, it would be a good time to become one!

I wonder if this beach is in Rio de Janeiro? I bet that would be a fun place to live. Thank you so much, Christine!


  1. Bill que seus sonhos se realizem nas lindas Praias Brasileiras! (sugerida pela Cristiane)

    ou na exclusiva e unica cidade maravilhosa com a Praia Copacabana no Rio de Janeiro!


  2. You are welcome, dear Bill. I don't know where that beach is, but we have wonderful beaches around here. Here are some tips on how to be a beach bum :)

  3. Oh go to Ipanama beach!
    Copacabana is too crowded..
    Lovely picture she created for you :)