Monday, June 6, 2011

Pop-UP Comment Window

Blogger continues to be having a problem where some viewers cannot leave comments. ARRRGGGG. How can we get our daily dose of praise if visitors cannot comment? I switched my comment section to the pop-up window to see if that helps alleviate the problem. I hope so! I need comments! I need praise! Life stinks, and my best friends are all of you on the Internet. Man, that sure says something about my life, doesn't?! Oh well.


  1. I know what you mean. I am getting so frustrated that I can't leave comments on some blogs.

  2. I'm testing to see if this works.

  3. Ok, apparently it did because I wasn't sent back to sign in a MILLION times.
    I changed to a pop-up window awhile back, too. Perhaps that was a key. But I still don't have my followers appearing on my blog page....strange.
    Ok, friend, I'm here. Posting and saying hello! See, life doesn't suck now!

  4. I finally found the answer to my no commemt problem...when you sign in at Google 400 times a day now...Uncheck or DO NOT check the little Stay Signed in box..."viola" problem gone!!!

  5. Your dose of praise for today:
    5 things I appreciate about Bill~
    1)Your compassion
    2)Your creative vision, which is slightly askew and always inspiring
    3)Your love of all things French!
    4)Your sense of humor
    5) Your warm, supportive friendship

    *I could go on and on, but I wouldn't want you to get a big head! haha! ;)