Tuesday, June 7, 2011



  1. you're not alone. the darkness sucks, but it's not your master. one micro second at a time, william. God is more than able. prov 3:5,6

    when all else fails, meditate on who he is even if you don't feel it. there is power and eventually healing power in praising him. do what's true even though you can't wrap your head or emotions around it. from one depresee to another!

    you're not alone.

  2. Hi Bill~
    I agree whole-heartedly with what Mystele said.
    Something I have been learning lately as I deal with my own dark nights of the soul is to remember that feeling you get when you finally see that light at the end of the tunnel again. I cling to that like a life raft:
    the idea that "This too shall pass." I know that people say those words all the time, but when you can observe them at work within your self, they take on a deeper meaning.
    I also wanted to add that you are my hero. I admire your bravery in speaking up about depression, because it removes that stigma that it should be kept under wraps and dealt with in isolation. You have helped make me more brave in speaking up about my own depression.
    Thank you Bill.
    You are a loved and cherished friend, and you brighten the lives of so many people! I'm so glad that I commented on your "naked neighbor" blog post years ago! ;)

  3. Bill, thank you for bringing this out into the open, and know that you are not on your own. Many of us have those feelings of dread but are not brave enough to mention them.

    Keep creating .... it helps!

  4. Very strong piece. Depression hits all of us at one time or another. It's the pits! You do have a lot of friends and family for support. Just remember to use them to hold you up at a time of need.

  5. It is so strange - at one time you look at the same thing with excitement and enthusiasm, at another time out of an abyss. Objectively it always stays the same thing. Such a miracle how our mind feigns to us so different perspectives. Being creative is surely a way to escape.